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Semrad a Guest on "Tales from Around the Water Cooler"

Tales from Around the Water Cooler Carol Semrad was a guest on the "Tales from Around the Water Cooler" podcast. She spoke with Prinz Law Firm founder, Kristin Prinz, about the importance of networking and developing workplace relationships and the challenges faced by employers and employees in rapidly-growing businesses. You can listen to the podcast here.

Preventing Sexual Harassment: What Companies Can Do

Carol Semrad appeared on WTTW's "Chicago Tonight" for a panel discussion on how the #metoo movement has forced businesses to prevent and address harassment.

"Beyond education is modeling – leaders that model good behavior and don't allow off-color talk, and are willing to say 'we don't do that here' if someone comes in and makes a remark or a new person comes onto the team and does something a little bit off color, it helps to have someone say in our culture 'we don’t do that.'"

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Semrad on Why Sexual Harrasment Happens in the Workplace

Carol Semrad appeared on WTTW-TV's "Chicago Tonight" to discuss the accusations of sexual harrasment and sexual assault against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

"It starts from leadership," said Carol Semrad of the human resources consulting firm C. Semrad & Associates. "If any leader within Weinstein’s organization knew, then really, the organization knew and somebody had an obligation to take some kind of action."

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Semrad Advises Why Microchipping Employees is a Bad Idea

Carol Semrad appeared on WTTW's "Chicago Tonight" in July 2017 to talk about the pros and cons of installing an RFID chip in an employee's hand

"One of the biggest things that came to my mind initially was the word trust," said Carol Semrad, who heads the human resources consulting firm C. Semrad & Associates and is past president of the Chicago Society of Human Resource Management. "In order be in a position as an employer to even ask employees to undergo this kind of endeavor, you really have to have set up a culture with a high level of trust, which I think is pretty difficult, because what you’re asking is for somebody to put something foreign into their body."

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Society for Human Resource Management Interviews Carol Semrad

Carol Semrad spoke with the Society for Human Resource Management's Certification Update online newsletter, offering advice for HR professionals.

Self-described "connector" Carol Semrad, SHRM-SCP, of Chicago, past president and current treasurer of the Chicago chapter of SHRM, has run her own consultancy since 2003. She started C. Semrad & Associates, which specializes in HR and organizational development, not long after her last employer-company went public. "I had the difficult task of laying off 100 employees—including myself," she says.

Now Semrad works collaboratively for and with dynamic organizations to help them meet the latest business challenges, such as HR automation and employee self-service. Entry-level HR professionals as well as executives can benefit from the advice she offers in the following interview.

SHRM: How did you become involved in the HR field and then start your own business?

Carol Semrad: While in sales and operations leadership roles, I built successful teams that became "talent feeders" for those organizations...Read the full interview here.

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